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January 25, 2010


A. Report from the School of Undergraduate Studies).

Dean Paul Woodruff (undergraduate studies) presented an overview and progress report about the history, mission, development, and range of programs now within the new School of Undergraduate Studies. The report is summarized in a written document that was distributed to Council members at the meeting and is attached in Appendix B. He said the school had resulted from a recommendation of the Task Force on Curricular Reform regarding the importance of providing students with a strong core curriculum and an organizational need to establish an entity to provide direction and oversight for this important component of undergraduate education. In his discussion of the reforms to the undergraduate curriculum, Dean Woodruff said 1,029 flagged courses have been approved so far and the number of signature courses is expected to total about 9,000 by next year. He concluded his report by saying he had been pleased with the cooperation and support the new school had received and the success thus far of its programs.

When Professor Hillis asked what the annual budget was for the new school, Dean Woodruff said it was a moving figure, and the main line item was signature course transfer money that is funneled to the colleges and then down to the departments. He said this cost for signature courses amounted to over $3 million in the current year and would rise to about $4.5 million next year, and the costs for existing programs that the school assumed amounted to about $2 million annually. Additional incremental costs for functions provided by the school, according to Dean Woodruff, total up to just over $1 million in annual costs, making the total budget for the school a little more than $6 million a year. When Secretary Greninger inquired about the size of the school’s staff, Dean Woodruff said there were forty full-time employees, including himself and Associate Dean Larry Abraham, with twenty-two having been previously employed in existing programs that were absorbed into the new school. With the increased enrollment in the school, he expected additional staff would be needed when financial resources were available.

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