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February 15, 2010


Chair Staiger said she had felt “nomadic” as meetings were held during the year elsewhere across campus during the renovation of Main 212. She said she was delighted to be able to look out the windows at the view, enjoy the beauty and ambiance of the room, and thank in person many of the individuals involved in the renovations. Chair Staiger then introduced Mr. William Throop (director, project management and construction), who thanked her for the invitation to attend the meeting. He said renovating Main 212 had been a multi-disciplinary, collaborative effort involving UT employees as well as workers from outside contractors. He thought the project had turned out to be “really something special.” He then introduced and acknowledged the contributions of a representative group of the individuals, who had successfully transformed Main 212 through the renovation effort. The names of individuals introduced at the meeting are included in the first slide of the presentation included in Appendix A. Mr. Jaime Guerra, the new manager of Information Technology Services, was also introduced, but he is not listed on the slide. Ms. Bethany Trombley, the project manager, then gave a brief presentation about the renovation project that included pictures of the work as it progressed and highlighted the placement of the rug over an elaborate network of electrical conduits and the extensive scaffolding used when the detailed painting and gilding of the ceiling was restored. Chair Staiger again thanked everyone for the hard work and their contributions to the renovation and for attending the meeting to be recognized and thanked for their efforts.

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