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February 15, 2010


A. Report on Staff Appreciation Week from Staff Council.

Chair Staiger announced that two guests from the University’s Staff Council—Janet Griffith (administrative associate, education) and Jennifer McClain (senior administrative associate, housing and food)—were in attendance at the meeting to inform the Faculty Council about plans for Staff Appreciation Week. Ms. McClain greeted the Council and thanked everyone for the opportunity to speak at the meeting. Her PowerPoint, which contained much of what she presented in her talk, is attached in Appendix E. She announced that the event was scheduled for the week of May 3-8, and the Staff Council was hoping the campus community would celebrate the contributions of the UT staff by visibly showing their appreciation and support. Ms. McClain said the event was intended to help lift the morale of staff members in this time of financial stress caused by budget cuts, layoffs, flat salaries and wages, and hiring freezes.

Ms. McClain said the Staff Council wanted organizations and departments across campus to plan creative activities—both formal and informal—and to schedule them at different times throughout the week so those who work behind the scenes and at night could participate. She said the Staff Council would provide publicity for the various events and wants the Faculty Council to sponsor or partner with another group to sponsor a campus-wide event. She also asked Faculty Council members to inform their constituents, encourage participation, and serve on planning committees in their departments and organizations. A number of planned events and ideas for others as well as contact information for Staff Council leaders were included in the PowerPoint presentation that is attached in Appendix E.

Chair Staiger thanked Ms. McClain for her report and said she certainly appreciated the contributions of the staff members who support her academic work as well as that of the Faculty Council.

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