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February 15, 2010


B. Updates to the Mathematics and Science and Technology Part I Core Curriculum Course Lists for the Undergraduate Catalog, 2010-2012 (D 7859-7861).

Dean Paul Woodruff (undergraduate studies) said his staff members and others he had worked with across campus were “being asked to do more for less” so he encouraged everyone to let the staff members know their contributions and hard work are appreciated. Turning then to his legislation, he said D 7859-7861was needed primarily because of course number changes that resulted when natural sciences developed special courses to support the nursing curriculum. He said the courses listed in the proposal—Math 408N, Math 408R, SSC 302 and BIO 326M—generally would replace previously-listed courses, were acceptable to both natural sciences and the nursing school, and had been approved by the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee. be added to the appropriate core lists.

Chair Staiger said a motion to approve the proposed changes would be needed from the floor since the proposed legislation was not from a standing committee. Professor Martha Hilley made the motion, which was seconded by Professor Alan Friedman. There was no discussion so Chair Staiger called for the vote. The changes to the core curriculum specified in D 7859-7861 were unanimously approved by voice vote.

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