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May 10, 2010


A. School of Undergraduate Studies Governance Procedures (D 7982-7983a)—

Associate Dean Larry Abraham (undergraduate studies) described in detail the committee structure, composition, and responsibilities of the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee (UGSAC) and the committees overseeing the selection and monitoring of flagged courses in the proposed governance document for the School of Undergraduate Studies. Dean Abraham emphasized the involvement of faculty across campus as well as that of the Faculty Council in the governance of the new school. Because the information on the PowerPoint slides he used closely paralleled his oral presentation, the content of his report is available in the PowerPoint, which is included as Appendix A.

In response to requests from Council members at the April meeting when the document was presented originally for review, he said an amendment regarding an annual meeting of the faculty had been added. With the presumption that faculty from all colleges and schools are interested in matters pertaining to undergraduate studies, Dean Abraham said it was decided to try to tie the school’s annual meeting to the annual meeting of the General Faculty. This meant that voting members of the General Faculty would be considered voting members of the School of Undergraduate Studies. He said there were provisions regarding how faculty members could petition for a special school meeting, what would constitute a quorum, and how the Faculty Council would handle business if quorum requirements were not met at school meetings.

After being recognized by Chair Staiger to speak, Professor Samer Ali (Middle Eastern studies and incoming 2010-11 Council member) asked why the committees for flagged courses in U.S. diversity, quantitative reasoning, and global studies were smaller than those for the committees for other flagged course areas. Dean Abraham said the committee size reflected the number of units on campus proposing course flags and the amount of business involved in consideration of the proposals. Professor Brian Evans (electrical and computer engineering) asked what due process procedures existed for appealing or reconsidering a denied flag course proposal. Dean Abraham said that feedback was usually provided regarding any deficiencies in such a proposal. In the case where disagreement existed about the rules, UGSAC would review the situation since that body oversees the rules; if there were a dispute over whether or not a proposed course met the requirements, then he said he thought the dean of the school and UGSAC would be involved in resolving the matter. When Professor Eileen Fowles (nursing) asked if the annual meeting quorum requirements actually meant that if one college/school had fewer than 10 percent of its voting faculty present then there would not be a quorum for handling any business, Dean Abraham responded in the affirmative.

There being no further questions, Chair Staiger called for a voice vote, and the School of Undergraduate Studies’ governance procedures was unanimously approved.

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