November 16, 2009


A. Civitatis Award.

Chair Staiger reported that the Faculty Council Executive Committee had received a number of excellent nominations for the Civitatis award, and President Powers had accepted the committee’s nomination of Professor Alan Friedman (English) for the 2009 award. She gave a summary of Dr. Friedman’s extensive leadership roles in faculty governance, major University standing committees, and high-level administrative search committees. She said his development and oversight of academic programs, such as a summer program at Oxford University, network of exchanges with European universities, and annual visit of Shakespearean actors from the London Stage, had greatly benefited the University and broader community. Chair Staiger said the Faculty Council Executive Committee members “were very pleased to be able to nominate Alan and thank him for, as he put it, decades of service, which is the case.”

B. Revision to the General Information Bulletin regarding academic grievances involving grade disputes.

Chair Staiger reported there had been instances where faculty members had not been informed about the outcomes of grade appeals filed by their students. She said the Faculty Council Executive Committee members believed a standardized policy should be followed across the University requiring faculty notification about the appeal results. She said the following statement, which was developed with the help of Vice President Patti Ohlendorf (legal affairs), will be included in the section of the General Information Bulletin regarding student grievance procedures: “A grade will not be changed by the department chair or other designated administrator and/or the dean without first consulting with and considering fully the position of the course instructor. The instructor will also be informed about the final decision.” She thanked President Powers, Provost Steve Leslie, and Vice President Ohlendorf for their assistance and support of this policy. Vice President Ohlendorf indicated she would be consulting with Registrar Shelby Stanfield about the change, but she expected the new wording to be included in the on-line General Information Bulletin very soon.

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