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Following are the minutes of the special Faculty Council meeting of May 10, 2010.
Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
The General Faculty and Faculty Council

MAY 10, 2010

The first special meeting of the Faculty Council for the academic year 2010-11 was held in Main 212 on Monday, May 10, 2010, at 2:15 P.M.


Present: Robert H. Abzug, Chelsea B. Adler, Samer M. Ali, Byron P. Almen, Anthony Brown, Simone A. Browne, Douglas S Bruster, Erika M Bsumek, Benjamin H Carrington, Loftus C. Carson, Lee R. Chesney, Namkee Choi, Michael B. Clement, Alan K. Cline, Dana L. Cloud, Elizabeth Cullingford, Molly E. Cummings, Arturo De Lozanne, Michael W Downer, Brian L. Evans, Eileen R. Fowles, Alan W. Friedman, Robert B. Gilbert, Linda L. Golden, Edmund (Ted) Gordon, Sue A. Greninger, Hillary Hart, Susan S. Heinzelman, Martha F. Hilley, James A. Holcombe, Muneezeh Kabir, Chang Liu, Hunter C. March, Blinda E. McClelland, Dean P. Neikirk, Alba A. Ortiz, Thomas L. Pangle, Robert G. Paterson, Karen L. Rascati, Catherine Riegle-Crumb, Catherine Riegle-Crumb, Patricia Roberts-Miller, Mary Rose, Cinthia S. Salinas, Cherise Smith, Rajashri Srinivasan, Janet Staiger, Pauline T. Strong, Rabun Taylor, Deborah L. Volker, Alexandria K. Wettlaufer, Darlene C. Wiley, Lexing Ying.

Absent: Efraim P. Armendariz (excused), Phillip J. Barrish (excused), Hans C. Boas (excused), Philip M. Broadbent, James W. Deitrick (excused), Michael P. Domjan (excused), Philip Doty, William L. Fisher, David W. Fowler (excused), Irene M. Gamba (excused), Kerry A. Kinney, Jennifer A. Maynard, Edward W. (Ted) Odell, Cynthia Osborne, Scott Parks, Elizabeth C. Pomeroy (excused), Stanley J. Roux (excused), John Davis Rutkauskas,Ye Sun, Samuel M. Wilson (excused).

Voting Members:

Chair Neikirk (electrical and computer engineering) called the special meeting of the 2010-11 Faculty Council to order, welcomed everyone and extended an invitation to the newly-elected Council members to stay for the regular May meeting of the 2009-10 Council after the special meeting adjourned. He explained that the purpose of the special meeting was to choose a chair elect for the 2010-11 Council as well as three Faculty Council Executive Committee (FCEC) members. He briefly described the composition of the FCEC and the responsibilities and time demands of service involved in these leadership roles. Then, on behalf of the 2009-10 FCEC members, who served as the nominating committee, he thanked the nominees who were willing to run for Council officers for the coming year.


In addition to Chair Neikirk, the following members of the 2009-10 FCEC served on the nominating committee: Professors Cynthia Buckley (sociology), Andrea Gore (pharmacy), Sue Greninger (human development and family sciences), David Hillis (integrative biology), Tom Palaima (classics), and Janet Staiger (radio-television-film).

A. Election of the chair elect.

Chair Neikirk reported that following considerable discussion and deliberation, the nominating committee had produced a slate of two nominees for chair elect—Professors Alan Friedman (English) and Alba Ortiz (special education). He said Professor Ortiz had decided, after thinking further about her commitments, she would not be able to run for the office this year. As a result, he said the committee had nominated one candidate—Professor Friedman—for chair elect. After asking for nominations from the floor for and receiving none, Chair Niekirk announced, “then we have our chair elect.” He asked 2010-11 Council members to vote on the paper ballots that were previously distributed so there would be a recorded vote.

Chair Niekirk then asked Professor Friedman if he wanted to make a few comments to the Council. Professor Friedman thanked Chair Niekirk, spoke of his respect and admiration of Professor Ortiz’s leadership and contributions to the University and then presented his perspectives on the status and future needs for the cooperative model of shared governance to be successful at UT Austin. Because not all of the 2010-11 Council members could attend the special meeting and due to the importance of Professor Friedman’s views for the coming year, his remarks are included in Appendix A. Following his speech, Professor Friedman received a warm round of applause from the Council and a word of thanks from Chair Neikirk.

B. Election of three members to the Executive Committee

Chair Neikirk explained the new process for electing at-large members of the FCEC. He said the nomination committee had developed the following slate of candidates after reviewing the nominations received from Faculty Council members:
  • Samer M. Ali, associate professor, Middle Eastern studies
  • Benjamin H. Carrington, assistant professor, sociology
  • Alan K. Cline, professor, computer sciences
  • Dana L. Cloud, associate professor, communication studies
  • Arturo De Lozanne, associate professor, molecular cell and developmental biology
  • Brian L. Evans, professor, electrical and computer engineering
  • Edmund (Ted) Gordon, associate professor, anthropology
  • Hillary Hart, distinguished sr. lecturer, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
  • Susan S. Heinzelman, associate professor, English
  • Pauline T. Strong, associate professor anthropology
The candidates, after being individually introduced, gave brief presentations, which generally included their academic areas of study, past experiences in faculty governance and other service activities, and reasons for wanting to serve on the FCEC. Professors Benjamin Carrington and Edmund (Ted) Gordon varied the format by giving presentations for one another. Professor Pauline Strong said it was an honor to be nominated, but she had previously declined due to her responsibilities as chair of the Faculty Budget Advisory Committee. After Professor Strong said she had not expected to see her name on the ballot, Chair Neikirk apologized for the confusion.

Chair Neikirk announced that only voting members of the 2010-11 Council should have received ballots when they came into the meeting room. He explained that Council members were to vote for three of the candidates on the ballot, and the three individuals receiving the highest number of votes would be elected to serve on the FCEC. He said the election results would be announced as soon as they were available during the follow-on meeting of the 2009-10 Faculty Council. He then called attention to the announcements listed below as the ballots were being collected.

Professors Gordon, Hart, and Heinzelman were elected to serve on the 2010-11 FCEC.


A. Dean Neikrik is in the process of making General Faculty Standing Committee assignments for next year. You will be receiving your formal letter in campus mail soon. Thank you for your willingness to serve.
B. Next year, UT Austin's Faculty Council will host the Joint Meeting with Texas A&M's Faculty Senate, which has been scheduled for March 7, 2011; be sure to mark your calendars. It is an all day event.
C. The 2010-11 Faculty Council meetings are posted on the Faculty Council's web site .


The meeting adjourned at 2:45 P.M.

Distributed through the Faculty Council web site on June 25, 2010.



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