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2009-2010 General Faculty and Faculty Council Reports

Secretary's Reports

The Secretary's report will be posted approximately one week prior to each meeting.

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Other Reports

  • Rules and Regulations of the Faculty Council (D 7288-7303)
  • Schedule of Meetings for the General Faculty and Faculty Council for 2009-2010 (D 7304)
  • Faculty Council Membership for 2009-2010 (D 7305-7312)
  • State of the University Address, September 16, 2009 (D 7328-7332)
  • Update to Core Curriculum Course Lists (D 7333-7335)
  • Proposed Changes to the Foreign Language Instruction in the Bachelor of Arts, Plan I and the Bachelor of Arts, Plan II Degrees in the College of Liberal Arts Chapter and the College of Natural Sciences Chapter of the Undergraduate Catalog, 2010-2012 (D 7336-7338)
  • Proposal to Change the Requirements for Designation as a College Scholar or a Distinguished College Scholar (D 7339-7341)
  • Proposal to Add the Registrar to the Educational Policy Committee (D 7342)
  • Annual Report of the University Faculty Ombudsperson for 2008-2009 (D 7380)
  • Proposal to Disband the Commencement and Academic Ceremonies Committee (D 7436-7437)
  • Resolution on the Brackenridge Tract (D 7785)
  • Resolution Affirming Ethical Research Standards (D 7786-7787)
  • Proposal to Revise the Membership and Election of Faculty to the Faculty Council Executive Committee (D 7788-7789)
  • Proposal to Create a Student Life and Activities Committee (D 7790)
  • Proposal to Change The Principles for the Development of the Academic Calendar (D 7791-7806)
  • Athletics Financials
  • Revisions to the Handbook of Operating Procedures Part 5, Section D, Faculty Grievance Procedure (D 7825-2835)
  • Revisions to the Handbook of Operating Procedures Part 12, Section C, Student Academic Employees Grievance Procedure (D 7836-7844)
  • Proposal to Change Function of the Committee on Committees and the Faculty Rules and Governance Committee (D 7845-7846)
  • Resolution to the Faculty Council to Raise Minimum Graduate Student Academic Employee Salaries to a Standard Consistent with a Living Wage for Austin, Texas (D 7847-7849)
  • Proposed Changes from the Committee Affecting Terms of Service, Term Limits, Chairs, and Chair Elects (D 7976-7978)
  • Proposed Changes to the Description of the Parliamentarian of the General Faculty (D 7979)
  • Proposed Changes to the Voting Rights of the General Faculty (D 7980-7981)
  • The School of Undergraduate Studies Governance Procedures (D 7982-7983)
  • Resolution Affirming the Minimal Standards for Governance Procedures for the Colleges and Schools at the University of Texas at Austin (D 7986)
  • Resolution from the Faculty Council Executive Committee in Support of the Cactus Cafe (D 8003)
  • Proposal from the Educational Policy Committee to Modify the Criteria for the Global Cultures Flag (D 8004-8004)
  • Proposal from the Educational Policy Committee to Revise the Q-Drop Procedures (D 8006-8007)
  • Proposed Revisions to UT Austin's HOP 3.16: Threatened Faculty Retrenchment (D 8009-8012)
  • Schedule for Meetings of the Faculty Council in 2010-2011 (D 8063)
  • Cancellation of Summer Meetings of the Faculty Council (D 8064)
  • Revisions to the Proposed Changes to the Voting Rights of the General Faculty (D 8065-8066)
  • Proposal to Change the Function and Composition of the C-13 Information Technology Committee (D 8074-8075)
  • Report of the Committee to Nominate Faculty Members for Appointment to the Intercollegiate Athletics Councils for Men and Women. (D 8076-8077)
  • Motion to Change the Composition of the C-12 Responsibilities, Rights, and Welfare of Graduate Student Academic Employees Committee (D 8080)
  • Faculty Council Resolutions on University Budget Issues (D 8083)
  • Annual Reports of the Standing Committees of the General Faculty for 2009-2010 (D 8204-8282)
  • 2009-2010 Report on Faculty Memorials (D 8286)
  • Annual Report of the Faculty Council for 2009-2010 (D 8287-8324)
  • Index of the Documents of the General Faculty, September , 2000-August 31, 2010 (D 8325-8371)
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