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Faculty Grievance Committee

The Faculty Grievance Committee met at the beginning of the 2009 academic year and members were provided with information on the committee’s functioning and processes. At that meeting, Martha Hilley, music, was elected vice chair and will serve as grievance committee chair during 2010-11.

The 2009-10 chair received the grievance inquiries from faculty and others covered by the faculty grievance procedures. Several inquiries were received in the fall semester and fewer were received in spring semester. Some potential grievants were referred to the University faculty ombudsperson. No inquiries resulted in a formal grievance being filed through the committee or a situation triggering the appointment of a grievance committee mentor to further assist a potential grievant.

The grievance committee submitted two pieces on legislation to the Faculty Council that were both passed at the February 15, 2010, Faculty Council meeting. These legislations proposed revisions of the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Sections 3.18 pertaining to faculty grievance procedures (D 7825-7835) and 4.03 (D 7836-7844) pertaining to graduate students who are teaching employees (teaching assistants and assistant instructors). These legislations are discussed in detail on the Faculty Council web page.
Linda Golden, chair