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Appendix C10-C
Standard Information to be Collected by/for Retention and Recruitment Committee

Below are the questions that the group has come up with regarding the kinds of information that we would like collected for the committee.

1. Retention rate of undergraduate and graduate students at UT and by ethnicity

2. Four and six year graduation rate of undergraduates and graduates at the University and also by ethnicity

3. Percent of applicants, admits, and matriculated undergraduates and graduates at UT and by ethnicity

4. Percent of first generation and low income students at UT and their retention and graduation rates

5. Percent of faculty at UT by ethnicity and the retention rate of each ethnic group

6. Percent of staff at UT by ethnicity and retention rate of each ethnic group

7. Break down of undergraduate & graduate students by ethnicity within department, college/school

Most of this information (and much more) may be found at the Statistical Handbook compiled by the Office of Information Management and Analysis at