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Faculty IT Council Recommendations for New IT Governance Structure

The Faculty IT Council strongly supports the governance structure defined in the SITAC report and offers the following recommendations to maximize the effectiveness of this new structure:

1. To provide the governance process a broader base of faculty input, the Faculty IT Council should include three positions for chairs of college and school faculty IT committees. These positions should rotate every two years from among those units that have faculty IT committees.

2. Cross-committee communications are essential if the new governance structure is to effectively respond to the needs of all sectors of the University. In instances in which the work of two committees is closely related, cross-representation would be helpful. Thus, the council recommends that a representative from the Research and Educational Technology (R & E) Committee serve on the Faculty IT Council.

3. The Ideas of Texas should be the mechanism to harvest ideas from faculty, staff, and students. A process should be developed to filter and communicate them to the appropriate committees for consideration and/or action.

4. Colleges and schools should submit vision plans and proposals to the R & E Committee using a streamlined template.

5. Representatives from the R & E Committee and the IT Architecture and Infrastructure (A & I) Committee should jointly meet each year with each college and school to review the unit’s plans and needs.

6. The college and school vision plans should align with the university strategic plan (SITAC) and should include metrics on results of the previous year’s funding for IT projects.

7. A longer funding cycle is needed to enable colleges and schools to more effectively plan strategic projects that require multi-year funding to complete.

8. A grant proposal process and format should be established for the review, selection, and funding of innovative projects that can serve as models for other technology initiatives within the University.

9. Based on the probability of flat or reduced University funding for IT over the next few years, sustainability should be included as an important criterion in evaluating innovative project proposals.