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University Calendar Committee

The committee was comprised of the following members.
Faculty members: John J. Hasenbein, LeeAnn Kahlor, Jon E. Olson, Thomas L. Pangle, Elizabeth C. Pomeroy, Holly A. Williams
Staff members: Alice B. Andrews
Student members: Heba Deya Dafashy, Manual A. Gonzalez, Kacie Marie King Administrative Advisors: Michael D. Allen

The calendar committee met twice for the year 2009-10 and also conducted some business via e-mail votes.

There was one major issue addressed, and we voted on officers for the upcoming year.

Meeting 1 September 14, 2:15 pm – elected Elizabeth Pomeroy as vice chair.

Meeting 2 October 30, 1:15 pm – Considered McCombs School of Business calendar proposal for the MBA program. The committee approved the McCombs’ School request and presented the proposal (D 7791-7806) to the Faculty Council at its meeting on January 25, 2010. It was approved by the Faculty Council and final approval was given by the president on March 18, 2010.

Jon E. Olson, chair