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International Programs and Studies Committee

The committee met two times during the course of the year: on September 14, 2009, and October 26, 2009.

At the October 26th meeting Heather Barclay-Hamir, Director of Study Abroad, presented an outline of the various international studies administrative entities. They include the Study Abroad Office, the Provost’s Cross College Council on International Studies (PC3IS) and our International Programs Studies Committee (IPSC).

Heather Barclay-Hamir stated that the International Studies Committee serves as a link between the other two entities and the Faculty Council when and if academic policy issues need to be presented.

During the academic year there were no academic policy issues to be presented to the Faculty Council. Therefore the committee did not meet during the spring 2010.

Joseph Straubhaar served as vice-chair for 2009-2010 and will assume the chair position in 2010-11.

Kenneth Hale, chair