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Parking and Traffic Policies Committee

The committee considered the following major issues this year.
1. The committee considered the problems with disappearance of parking spaces on campus due to University construction and the resultant over demand for both lots and most garages. The committee also considered the effects of the future parking changes in West Campus on the demand for University parking.

2. The committee considered priorities for garage parking for students, faculty, and staff and the possibility of having reserved sections in the garage with staggered parking prices. The latter was determined to be generally infeasible due to high pricing, lower garage revenue, and increased costs to the University police for monitoring the reserved sections.

3. The committee also decided that the Bicycle Committee would become a subcommittee of the Parking and Traffic Policies Committee. The subcommittee would advise the committee on bicycle issues on campus as well as serve as a liaison with the City of Austin on bicycle issues, the first of which would be to establish safe and usable routes to UT. The Bicycle Subcommittee has been chaired by Gordon Novak, a member of the Parking and Traffic Policies Committee.

4. The committee discussed issues related to the parking of electric cars on campus such as supplying electricity to these cars and the way in which to collect payment for this service.

5. Betsy Greenberg, who served as vice chair of the committee this year, was elected chair of the committee for 2011-12.

Laura Starks, chair