A-6 General Faculty Rules and Governance Committee

Chair: Hillary Hart
Vice Chair: Irene M. Gamba
Chair Elect: TBD in spring 2010.

Minutes (PDF): October 29.

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2008-09 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To propose changes in the rules of procedure and governance structure of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council; to propose changes to the general voting rights of the General Faculty; to study all other proposed changes in and additions to the rules of procedure of the General Faculty and the Faculty Council; and to submit recommendations to the Faculty Council. If the recommendations concern the Faculty Council, the Committee will report also to the President, as the head of the General Faculty. In addition, this committee’s function is to make the final ruling in any election dispute or on any election matter not covered by the rules; to handle questions of interpretation of rules; and to determine questions of jurisdiction arising between the Faculty Council and the General Faculty.1

COMPOSITION: Six members of the General Faculty, including the secretary of the General Faculty and the chair of the Faculty Council. Two members shall be elected by the General Faculty for two-year terms (one each year so that their terms overlap) and each year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two General Faculty members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the committee. The committee shall elect its own chair and vice chair, both of whom shall be members of the General Faculty.

1Revisions (D 7845-7846) approved by the Faculty Council on February 25, 2010; pending president's approval.

Members, 2009-10:
  Bard, Jonathan F. 2008-2010 professor, mechanical engineering
  Gratovich, Eugene A.1 2010-2011 associate professor, music
  Greninger, Sue A. ex officio Secretary, General Faculty, and associate professor, human ecology
  Hart, Hillary 2009-2010 distinguished senior lecturer, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering

  Staiger, Janet 2009-2010 professor, radio-television-film, Faculty Council chair

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Gamba, Irene M. 2009-2010 professor, mathematics
  Wilson, Samuel M. 2009-2010 professor, anthropology

1Replaced Alan W. Friedman who resigned from the committee in summer 2010.


Note: There is one extra member on the committee in 2009-10. Hillary Hart was elected chair elect in 2008-09. Her term would have ended August 31, 2009, but as chair elect, she will automatically serve one more year on the committee as provided in the revision of the Rules and Regulations by the Faculty Council in April 2005:

A chair elect whose term of service does not extend through the following academic year will be reappointed for an additional term.