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2010-2011 Faculty Council Membership

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Members with Vote

Abzug, Robert H. professor, history
Adler, Chelsea B. president, Senate of College Councils
Ali, Samer M. associate professor, Middle Eastern studies
Almen, Byron P. associate professor, music
Angel, Jacqueline professor, public affairs
Armendariz, Efraim P. professor, mathematics1
Barrish, Phillip J. associate professor, English
Boas, Hans C. associate professor, Germanic studies
Broadbent, Philip M. assistant professor, Germanic studies
Brown, Anthony L. assistant professor, curriculum and instruction
Browne, Simone A. assistant professor, sociology
Bruster, Douglas S. professor, English
Bsumek, Erika M. associate professor, history
Carrington, Benjamin H. associate professor,2 sociology
Carson, Loftus C. professor, law
Chesney, Lee R. associate professor, art and art history
Choi, Namkee professor, social work
Clement, Michael B. associate professor, accounting
Cline, Alan K. professor, computer science
Cloud, Dana L. associate professor, communication studies
Cullingford, Elizabeth professor, English
Cummings, Molly E. associate professor,2 integrative biology
De Lozanne, Arturo associate professor, molecular cell and developmental biology
Deitrick, James W. professor, accounting
Domjan, Michael P. professor, psychology
Doty, Philip associate professor, information4
Downer, Michael W. professor, physics
Evans, Brian L. professor, electrical and computer engineering
Fisher, William professor, geosciences
Fowler, David W. professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Fowles, Eileen R. assistant professor, nursing
Friedman, Alan W. professor, English
Gamba, Irene M. professor, mathematics
Gilbert, Robert B. professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Golden, Linda L. professor, marketing
Gonzalez, Manuel president, Graduate Student Assembly
Gordon, Edmund T. associate professor, anthropology
Greninger, Sue Alexander associate professor, human development and family sciences
Harris, Alden vice president of internal affairs, Graduate Student Assembly
Hart, Hillary distinguished senior lecturer, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Heinzelman, Susan S. associate professor, English
Hilley, Martha F. professor, music
Holcombe, James A. professor, chemistry
Kabir, Muneezeh vice president, Student Government
Kinney, Kerry A. professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Liu, Chang assistant professor, communication science and disorders
March, Hunter C. professor, music
Maynard, Jennifer A. assistant professor, chemical engineering
McClelland, Blinda E. lecturer, biological sciences
Neikirk, Dean P. professor, electrical and computer engineering
Nietsche, Carisa K. executive director, Senate of College Councils
Odell, Edward (Ted) W. professor, mathematics
Ortiz, Alba A. professor, special education
Osborne, Cynthia assistant professor, public affairs3
Pangle, Thomas L. professor, government
Parks, Scott president, Student Government
Paterson, Robert associate professor5
Pomeroy, Elizabeth C. professor, social work
Popova, Elmira professor, mechanical engineering
Rascati, Karen L. professor, pharmacy
Riegle-Crumb, Catherine assistant professor, curriculum and instruction
Roberts-Miller, Patricia professor, rhetoric and writing
Rose, Mary associate professor, sociology
Roux, Stanley J. professor, molecular cell and developmental biology
Russi, Cinzia associate professor, French and Italian
Rutkauskas, John D. Student Government representative
Salinas, Cinthia S. associate professor, curriculum and instruction
Smith, Cherise assistant professor, art and art history
Srinivasan, Rajashri associate professor, marketing
Staiger, Janet professor, radio-television-film
Strong, Pauline T. associate professor, anthropology
Taylor, Rabun assistant professor, classics
Vaaler, Leslie J. senior lecturer, mathematics
Volker, Deborah L. assistant professor, nursing
Westbrook, Jo Lynn associate professor, information
Wettlaufer, Alexandra professor, French and Italian
Wiley, Darlene C. professor, music
Wilson, Samuel M. professor, anthropology
Ying, Lexing associate professor,1 mathematics

1Resigned from the Council on December 10, 2010. Replaced by Leslie J. Vaaler.
2Effective September 1, 2010, promoted to associate professor
3Resigned from the Council on April 20, 2011. Replaced by Jacqueline Angel.
4Resigned from the Council on April 28, 2011. Replaced by Jo Lynn Westbrook.
5 Resigned from the Council in spring 2011. His replacement is to be determined.

Members without Vote

Ashcroft, Judy C. Dean, Division of Continuing and Innovative Education
Clubb, Patricia L. Vice President for Employee and Campus Services
Crismon, M. Lynn Dean, College of Pharmacy
Dempster, Douglas J. Dean, College of Fine Arts
Diehl, Randy L. Dean, College of Liberal Arts
Dillon, Andrew P. Dean, School of Information
Fenves, Gregory L. Dean, Cockrell School of Engineering
Gilligan, Thomas W. Dean, Red McCombs School of Business
Gonzáles, Mickey L. Staff Council Representative
González, Juan C. Vice President for Student Affairs
Hale, Donald A. Vice President for Public Affairs
Hart, Roderick P. Dean, College of Communication
Heath, Fred M. Vice Provost and Director of General Libraries
Hegarty, Kevin P. Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Hill, James L. Senior Vice President
Hutchings, Robert L. Dean, LBJ School of Public Affairs
Ishop, Kedra Interim Vice Provost and Director of Admissions
Justiz, Manuel J. Dean, College of Education
Leslie, Steven W. Executive Vice President and Provost
McCall, John H. Associate Vice President for Development
Mosher, Sharon Dean, Jackson School of Geosciences
Ohlendorf, Patricia C. Vice President for Legal Affairs
Onion, David S. Associate Vice President for Development
Powers, William C. President
Rankin, Mary Ann Dean, College of Natural Sciences
Reagins-Lilly, Soncia Dean of Students
Rodriguez, Victoria Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies
Sager, Lawrence Dean, School of Law
Sanchez, Juan M. Vice President for Research
Stanfield, Shelby Registrar
Steiner, Frederick R. Dean, School of Architecture
Stuifbergen , Alexa M. Interim Dean, School of Nursing
Toler, Libbie A. Staff Council Representative
Vincent, Gregory J. Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement
White, Barbara W. Dean, School of Social Work
Woodruff, Paul B. Dean, School of Undergraduate Studies



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