B. Questions to the President.

From Sue Heinzelman (associate professor, English)

One of the recommendations in the Gender Equity report was that each college or school develop a gender equity plan appropriate to its institutional identity and that such a plan be posted on the unit's website. Would you please let the Faculty Council know the status of this recommendation: i.e., what colleges and schools have posted a plan approved by the Provost's office and what have not?

President Powers asked Vice Provost Judith Langlois to address Professor Heizelman’s question regarding college/school gender equity plans. Vice Provost Langlois presented a summary of the status of the college/school plans, which is attached in Appendix A. She said plans from the following units had been posted at the respective URLs noted on the report: architecture, education, fine arts, liberal arts, and natural sciences. She said social work was planning to post its plan later that day, engineering and business both had their documents completed but not yet posted, and all other units were still at various stages in the planning process. Professor Heizelman asked if a deadline for posting the plans had been set? After commenting that two years had passed since the gender equity report, she said she thought it was time to move on to other issues that had been raised in the report. Both Vice Provost Langlois and President Powers agreed. President Powers said budget issues had been very time consuming, but he was optimistic that the equity plans would be more complete and demonstrate greater progress than people might expect.

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