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May 9, 2011


G. Proposal from the Educational Policy Committee to Revise Dropping a Class: Rules for Undergraduates (D 8668).

Professor Beckner reported that the next three proposals from his committee were all initiated by the Office of the Registrar and primarily designed to improve the language in the General Information catalog. He said the first one (D 8668) had to do with unusual circumstances that cause students to need to drop classes. An example of an unusual circumstance, according to Professor Beckner, might be when a student has a serious medical condition, such as being in a coma in the hospital. In these rare cases, Professor Beckner pointed out that the dean of the respective college/school is required to sign the drop form, which under normal circumstances is not necessary. Professor Brian Evans (electrical and computer engineering) asked if the instructor would have to grant permission for the drop or at least be notified about the drop? Professor Beckner replied he did not believe so, and he added the student might not be available on campus or the drop might be retroactively granted. When Professor Evans asked if these drops could involve previous semesters or the current one, Professor Beckner replied, “Yes.”

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