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May 9, 2011


H. Proposal from the Educational Policy Committee to Revise the Retroactive Withdrawal Policy (D 8669).

Professor Beckner said the next proposal recommended a change in the language of one sentence in the Retroactive Withdrawal Policy that is included in the General Information catalog. The sentence’s current wording “for a semester long past” would be replaced by “for a semester prior to the previous long semester.” Professor Beckner noted that the dean of the respective college/school would be required to sign the appeal form.

Chair Neikirk asked if this change restricted approval of these appeals to the semester before the previous long term, but then he quickly noted that the new words applied to any semester prior to the previous long semester. Professor Cline inquired as to what a student would have to do right now if the appeal pertained to last fall—just sit around, waiting to be able to file an appeal? Associate Vice President and Registrar Shelby Stanfield explained that the catalog includes a preceding statement to the one included in the proposal that addresses what occurs in the current semester or the previous semester. He added that the statement included in the proposal pertained to earlier time frames than those already discussed in the catalog but was the only one that needed to be changed.

Chair Neikirk asked if there were any further discussion, and there was none. He called for the vote and the Retroactive Withdrawal Policy rewording for the General Information catalog unanimously passed by voice vote.

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