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May 9, 2011


I. Proposal from the Educational Policy Committee to Revise the In Absentia Registration Policy (D 8670).

Professor Beckner said this proposal regarding the in absentia registration policy submitted to the Education Policy Committee by the Revision of Student Records Committee, which is responsible for improving the language in the General Information catalog. After Chair Neikirk read the underlined portions of the proposed legislation where changes were requested, he pointed out that some of the changes were outside the authority of the Faculty Council and needed to be handled by the Graduate Assembly. Professor Beckner said he thought the proposal had also been sent to the Graduate Assembly. There were a number of comments and questions back and forth about the proposed legislation by Professors Beckner, Evans, and Staiger as well as Chair Neikirk. After Chair Neikirk concluded the Faculty Council could only act on the portions applying to in absentia registration of undergraduates, Associate Vice President Stanfield said the underlining of the statement regarding graduate students should be omitted because that statement was the existing policy for graduate students. Professor Staiger said she thought it would be important for the Graduate Assembly to carefully review the proposal’s wording given its affect on graduate students. Professor Beckner said he thought that was also the preference of the committee.

Chair Neikirk said the Faculty Council vote would apply only to the portions that have been underlined in the proposed legislation.

A student who is taking the final course(s) remaining to complete degree requirements via non-resident credit or a [A] candidate for a degree who has completed the requirements for graduation and needs to register only for the purpose of having a degree conferred, may register in absentia. In absentia registration is not permitted for any other purpose; for graduate students, in absentia registration is allowed only at the end of the summer session for fall graduation as described below. The fee for in absentia registration is $25. In order for the degree to be posted the remaining coursework must be received, posted, and degree requirements certified by the established deadlines for the term. Students registering in absentia must still meet in-residence requirements before a degree will be conferred.

Seeing there was no further discussion on the proposed legislation, Chair Neikirk called for the vote. The underlined proposal wording changes applicable to in absentia undergraduate student registration in the above legislation, with the caveat that the statement should be approval by the Graduate Assembly before being included in the General Information catalog, was unanimously approved by voice vote of the Faculty Council.

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