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September 20, 2010



Chair Elect Alan W. Friedman (English) reported that he had drafted a set of principles early last spring that he thought could possibly serve as the basis for discussion by the Faculty Council when it appeared likely that a budgetary crisis might occur (see Appendix D). His planned presentation in March was delayed when his return flight from Portland, Oregon, was cancelled, and further events caused the discussion not to occur at a later meeting last year. In view of the on-going budgetary concerns that UT is facing, Professor Friedman said he was asking the Council to consider the principles not as legislation but as potential statements to be taken into account as the budgetary discussions progress.

The first statement asked that faculty members be cognizant of the need to protect those in the UT community who are vulnerable in terms of retaining their jobs and/or being paid below a living wage with health benefits. Professor Friedman said the second statement recommended that new construction and administrative positions and salaries be postponed in deference to faculty and staff salary allocations. The third asked for consideration of whether or not wasteful and duplicative programs might be reduced or eliminated, and the fourth encouraged making retirement incentive available across the entire campus. The fifth dealt with the relationship between academics and intercollegiate athletics and the considerations that athletics assist in supporting academic programs rather than vice versa. Chair Neikirk thanked Professor Friedman and said he hoped discussion would occur regarding these statements of principle, or perhaps any others, at the October Council meeting.

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