October 25, 2010



A. Faculty Council Executive Committee Resolution on University Budget Issues (D 8432).

Chair Elect Friedman explained that the wording of the proposed resolution in D 8432 had been improved since its original introduction at the September Council meeting and had received the unanimous support of the Faculty Council Executive Committee (FCEC). He explained that the basic premise of the resolution was that faculty should be “playing a major role in the budgetary decision-making process” and specified five guidelines for faculty groups and administrators to follow in making difficult budgetary choices. After briefly summarizing the five recommended guidelines, Professor Friedman said the motion from the FCEC did not require a second. Professor Brian Evans (electrical and computer engineering) asked if Professor Friedman would accept an amendment to add the words “with the full faculty support of the programs affected” to the end of the third guideline as a means of specifying that faculty input would be involved. Professor Friedman replied that he thought the omission of the first paragraph of the resolution on the meeting’s visual aid had caused confusion. He then read the resolution’s first paragraph and explained that the involvement of faculty mentioned there applied to the five guidelines. There being no further questions or comments, Chair Neikirk called for the vote on D 8432, and the resolution passed by voice vote with one member abstaining.

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