October 25, 2010



Election of General Faculty Representatives on the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee (D 8423-8424).

Chair Neikirk reminded members that the Faculty Council had previously approved the School of Undergraduate Studies’ governance procedures, which stipulated that the Faculty Council would elect six members of the Undergraduate Studies Committee. He explained that the plan called for the Council to elect two new members each year for the next three years so the elected representatives would automatically rotate off in staggered, three-year overlapping terms. He said there were five nominees for the two available positions, each of which must come from different colleges/schools. Chair Neikirk asked the following three nominees, who were present at the meeting, to give brief presentations regarding their interests in and qualifications for serving on the committee:

  • Dr. Robert Duvic, distinguished senior lecturer, finance
  • Dr. Xiaofen Keating, associate professor, curriculum and instruction
  • Dr. Lee Chesney, associate professor, art and art history

Chair Neikirk then read statements prepared ahead of the meeting by the following two nominees, who were unable to attend the meeting:

  • Dr. Timothy High, associate professor, art and art history
  • Dr. Catherine Cubbin, associate professor, social work

Chair Neikirk asked for nominations from the floor, and there were none. He then asked the voting members of the Council to vote for two nominees from different colleges/schools on written ballots that were distributed to voting members. After the ballots were collected and counted, Chair Neikirk announced that Drs. Xiaofen Keating and Catherine Cubbin had been elected to serve on the Undergraduate Studies Committee. He thanked the other candidates for their participation and willingness to serve.

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