November 15, 2010



Chair Elect Alan W. Friedman (English) reminded the Council members that a meeting would be held on Wednesday, November 17 to discuss the on-line faculty activity reports, which were withdrawn as a requirement for annual reporting in September for most of the campus due to user interface problems. He said the work on the new electronic reporting forms was still underway and would not disappear. He reported that he had attended a recent meeting where the staff working on the revised reporting system had been “completely open to faculty suggestions and concerns.” He encouraged interested Council members to attend the upcoming meeting because this would be the last opportunity where faculty input could “affect the outcomes and process” of the new system and forms.

Chair Elect Friedman also reminded members about the annual joint meeting of the UT Austin Faculty Council with the Texas A&M Faculty Senate, which will be held March 7, 2011, here on our campus. He invited Council members to send him their input regarding agenda items and discussion topics they are interested in having addressed at the meeting and thanked Professor Martha Hilley for the suggestion she had just submitted. He said the topics he had received thus far included budget and legislative issues, but there was still a good deal of time and opportunity for Council members to send in additional ideas.

After thanking the chair elect for his report, Chair Neikirk said the meeting on the electronic faculty activity reports would be held on Wednesday, November 17 from 3:00-4:00 p.m. in FAC 328. He said notices had been distributed, but anyone who wanted to attend should come. Chair Neikirk said the staff members, who were revamping the reporting system, seem to be focused on producing a system that will be convenient and user-friendly for the faculty. He encouraged participation, saying complaining after the fact would be too late and counterproductive.

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