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Faculty Committee on Committees

FUNCTION: To advise the president on personnel for standing committees of the General Faculty and the uses to be made of the committee system; to make recommendations to the Faculty Council regarding changes in composition, functions, and responsibilities of standing committees, including term limits and voting rights of committee members.

  1. Concerned to encourage faculty participation in faculty governance and to ensure that faculty governance represents the diversity of the University faculty, committee members contacted select faculty to ask for nomination suggestions and asked department chairs to encourage participation of their faculty.
  2. At two meetings in April 2011, the committee reviewed the many nominations by faculty for committee membership. With attention to representation from all colleges and schools and to issues of gender and racial diversity, the committee identified faculty members to recommend to the president to be new committee members on the twenty-one standing committees.
  3. The committee continued work begun in the previous year on eight proposals regarding committee term membership, term limits for committee chairs, selection of chair elect and vice chair, and selection of the chair of the Faculty Advisory Committee on Budgets. The provost had reviewed these proposals in summer 2010 and had approved, disapproved, or partially approved them. Acting chair Megan Seaholm met with Vice-Provost Gretchen Ritter in January 2011 to discuss the proposals. After making revisions to some of the proposals and with confidence that other proposals would receive the president’s approval, the committee submitted the proposals D8664, D8665.
Nancy Kwallek was selected as chair elect for 2011-12.

Megan Seaholm, acting chair