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Faculty Grievance Committee

The committee was convened on Monday, September 13, 2010. At this meeting, Karen Rascati agreed to serve as vice chair for the 2010-11 session. Desmond Lawler was elected and has agreed to serve as chair of the committee for the 2011-12 academic year. A follow-up meeting was called for Monday, September 27, and Mary Steinhardt, faculty ombudsperson, was invited to attend and talk about the relationship of her office and the faculty grievance procedure.

As chair of the Faculty Grievance Committee, I have met with six faculty members regarding a variety of grievance issues. Of these six, one faculty member has filed a formal grievance. A hearing has been scheduled for early December. It should be noted in this formal report that the help of the faculty ombudsperson has been critical in supporting the responsibilities of the faculty grievance committee chair. It is suggested that the 2011-2012 Faculty Grievance Committee look carefully at the Faculty Grievance Procedure as it is proposed. This document is, as of today, at the UT System for consideration. It is critical that this revised procedure be approved and placed into effect as soon as possible.

Martha F. Hilley, chair