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Faculty Building Advisory Committee

The Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) provided input on several projects this year, including the Campus Master Plan, Liberal Arts Phase II building, Geology extension, Student Union North End renovation, and an art piece for the Bill & Melinda Gates Computer Science Complex and Dell Computer Science Hall.

The committee has argued strongly for the need for having a new Campus Master Plan and the University Budget Council has recently agreed to fund this. 

The Liberal Arts Phase II building has been before the committee several times, but the final plans for the building received enthusiastic approval by the FBAC. 

With the completion of the Student Activity Center, Liberal Arts Phase II, and the eventual replacement of the East Mall landscaping and fountain, the East Mall will have a much improved character. One part of this is the renovation of the south façade on the east end of the Geology building. McKinney York Architects has a plan that opens up the first floor of the building in a very inviting way and creates a seating area on the edge of the East Mall, very much in the character of other East Mall buildings. The FBAC was in favor of moving ahead with these plans.

The FBAC continues to promote three priorities:

  • The completion of a new Campus Master Plan. We note that a strong plan will save the campus money in the long run and ensure an integrated architectural environment.
  • The FBAC also remains focused on buildings that are sustainable and efficient. Rather than simply seeking a LEED rating of silver or better for all new construction; our aim is to have buildings that cost less to run over the long term.
  • The FBAC continues to be very focused on increasing the inventory of general purpose classrooms and has struggled to make sure that projects include >15 percent classrooms.
These issues will remain priorities for 2011-12.

Samuel Wilson, chair