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C-1 Admissions and Registration Committee

Chair: Lesley A. Dean-Jones
Vice Chair: TBD in fall 2010.
Chair Elect: Lesley A. Dean-Jones

Minutes (PDF): To be posted following first meeting.

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited)
Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited)

2009-10 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To recommend to the director of admissions, and to the registrar, and to the Faculty Council changes in policies regarding undergraduate admission and registration; to consult with and advise the director of admissions, and the registrar about procedures pertaining to their offices.

COMPOSITION: Six members of the General Faculty, two staff members, and four students. Three student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the Student Government and one from a panel of names submitted by the Graduate Student Assembly. No more than two students may come from any one college or school. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the committee. The committee shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty. The director of admissions, and the registrar shall serve as administrative advisors without votes.

Members, 2010-11:
  Anderson, Edward R. 2010-2012 associate professor, human development and family sciences
  Bernstein, Mark E. 2009-2011 associate dean for student affairs, communication (past chair)
  Chesney, Lee R. 2010-2012 associate professor, art and art history
  Dean-Jones, Lesley A. 2009-2011 associate professor, classics
  Katz, Lynn E. 2009-2011 professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
  Mueller, Elizabeth 2010-2012 assistant professor, architecture

Faculty Council Appointees:
  McClelland, Blinda E. 2010-2011 lecturer, biological sciences
  Riegle-Crumb, Catherine 2010-2011 assistant professor, curriculum and instruction

Two Staff:
  Gonzales, Noe 2010-2012 academic advising coordinator, communiation
  Guzman, Peter 2009-2011 senior academic advisor, natural sciences

Four Students:
  Kabir, Muneezeh 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Komonibo, Ebitimi D. 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Ruedin, Joshua 2010-2011 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Talarico, James Dell 2010-2011 Student Government representative

Administrative Advisors:
  Ishop, Kedra ex officio vice provost and director, admissions
  Stanfield, Vincent S. (Shelby) ex officio associate vice president and registrar



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