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C-8 Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel

George Sylvie
Vice Chair: N/A
Chair Elect: Alexandra A. Garcia

Minutes (PDF): To be posted following first meeting.

Member E-mail Address Book (comma delimited)
Member E-mail Address Book (semi-colon delimited)

Those who appeal fines may not communicate directly with any members of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee. All communications must be done through the formal appeals process found at

2009-10 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To review petitions and appeals arising in connection with parking priorities and enforcement of regulations.

COMPOSITION: At least eighteen members of the General Faculty, ten members of the University staff, and ten students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the appropriate student committee and shall include two nominated by the Graduate Student Assembly and eight nominated by Student Government. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the panel. The panel shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty.

Members, 2010-11:
  Bhat, Chandra R. 2009-2011 professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
  Burns, Neal M. 2009-2011 professor, advertising
  Forgie, George B. 2009-2011 associate professor, history
  Garcia, Alexandra A. 2009-2011 associate professor, nursing
  Gleason, Marci E. 2010-2012 assistant professor, human development and family sciences
  Hodges, Ben R.1 2010-2011 associate professor, civil, architectural and environmental engineering
  Hoffmann, Gerald W. 2010-2012 professor, physics
  Maidment, David R. 2009-2011 professor, civil architectural, and environmental engineering (past chair)
  March, Hunter C. 2009-2011 professor, music
  Moore, Christy 2010-2012 senior lecturer, mechanical engineering
  Murphy, John H. 2010-2012 professor, advertising
  Pasch, Keryn E. 2010-2012 assistant professor, kinesiology and health education
  Reed, Julia A. 2010-2012 associate professor, textiles and apparel
  Ren, Pengyu 2010-2012 assistant professor, biomedical engineering
  Stout, Patricia A. 2009-2011 professor, advertising
  Sylvie, George 2009-2011 associate professor, journalism
  Tissieres, Helene 2010-2012 associate professor, French and Italian
  TBD2 2011-2012 General Faculty Member

1Jeffrey Richards resigned from the Committee in fall 2010.
2 Jennifer Kate Barret (assistant professor, English) will be unable to complete her two-year term of service since she will be on leave in 2011-12. Her replacement is to be determined.

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Barrish, Phillip J. 2010-2011 associate professor, English
  Choi, Namkee 2010-2011 professor, social work

Ten Staff:
  Adams, Ashley 2010-2011 software developer, IMA
  Babilya, Nicole 2010-2011 grants and contracts specialist, sponsored projects
  Carls, Andrew (Drew) 2010-2011 administrative associate, law
  Hernandez, Norma V. 2010-2011 associate academic adviser, natural sciences
  Hinderer, Robert 2010-2011 police officer, police department
  Littlefield, David (Steve) 2010-2011 administrative services officer, pharmacy
  Madden, Kevin 2010-2011 desktop support specialist, Blanton museum
  Obolsky, Angela 2010-2011 senior administrative associate, geosciences
  Perrone, Annette 2010-2011 senior administrative associate, transportation research
  Roberts, Debbie 2010-2011 executive assistant, general faculty

Ten Students:
  Al-Hinai, Omar 2010-2011 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Cardwell, James M. 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Covington, Jr., Charles 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Gonzalez, Marc A. 2010-2011 Student Government representative

  Hemani, Hassan 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Hicks, Matthew 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Pugliese, Laurel E. 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Scarpino, Samuel 2010-2011 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Vargas, Amanda R. 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Weisman, Philip S.1 2011-2011 Student Government representative
1 Replaced Matthew E.Portillo who resigned from the committee on March 25, 2011.



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