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C-9 Parking and Traffic Policies Committee

Chair: Betsy Greenberg
Vice Chair: N/A
Chair Elect: Betsy Greenberg

Minutes (PDF): To be posted following first meeting.

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2009-10 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To establish traffic and parking regulations and to review annually a system of priorities for permits to be issued in reserved areas; to recommend to the president ways and means of meeting parking needs of faculty, staff, and students; to recommend to the Faculty Council any changes in the composition and operation of the Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel.

COMPOSITION: At least four members of the General Faculty; four staff members, including two representing units at the J. J. Pickle Research Campus (the staff of the director of the Physical Plant are not eligible to serve); and three students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the Student Government and the Graduate Student Assembly and shall include at least one graduate student. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the committee. The committee shall elect its own chair and vice chair, who shall be members of the General Faculty. Representatives of the Physical Plant, the Dean of Students, Employee and Campus Services, Parking and Transportation, and the University Police shall serve as administrative advisors without vote.

Members, 2010-11:
  Farrar, Roger P. 2010-2012 professor, kinesiology and health education
  Garcia, Alexandra A.1 2010-2011 associate professor, nursing

Greenberg, Betsy

2009-2011 associate professor, information, risk, and operations management
  Peers, Glenn A. 2010-2012 professor, art and art history

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Bsumek, Erika M. 2010-2011 associate professor, history
  Vaaler, Leslie J.2 2010-2011 senior lecturer, mathematics

Four Staff:
  Hinderer, Robert S. 2009-2011 police officer, UT police department

Shoumaker, Jason 2010-2012 safety specialist, environmental health and safety
  Skubal, Diane3 2010-2011 senior administrative associate, IC2 Institute
  Spector, Bruce 2010-2012 transportation coordinator, admissions

Three Students:
  Brady, John F. 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Cardwell, Jr, James M. 2010-2011 Student Government representative
  Carroll, Todd 2010-2011 Graduate Student Assembly representative

Administrative Advisors:
  Clubb, Patricia L. ex officio vice president for employee and campus services
  Ford, Kayla M. ex officio coordinator of leadership development, Office of the Dean of Students
  Stone, Bobby J. ex officio director, Parking and Transportation Services
  McMahan, Terry ex officio assistant chief, University Police
  Rea, David L. ex officio administrative advisor, physical plant


1Jeffrey Richards resigned from the Committee in fall 2010.
2Replaced Efraim Armendariz who resigned from the Committee on December 10, 2010.
3Replacement for Cheryl Ray who is no longer with the University.



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