January 23, 2012


B. MyEdu.

Chair Friedman reported that several FCEC members had met, at the behest of the UT System Chancellor Francisco G. Cigarroa, M.D., with Mr. Michael Crosno, president of MyEdu. At the meeting, Mr. Crosno presented MyEdu’s business model and discussed the company’s relationship with the UT System campuses. Chair Friedman said Chancellor Cigarroa, Mr. Crosno, and the UT Austin administrators have all told our faculty representatives that the implementation of MyEdu will vary from campus to campus, depending on what each campus wants. Given these assurances, Chair Friedman said, “We are obligated, I think, to take everyone, who says this, at their word until it’s proven otherwise and to act accordingly.”

A major development is that a task force, co-chaired by Vice Provost Gretchen Ritter and Registrar Shelby Stanfield, has been established to become involved in the design process of UT Austin’s MyEdu site. Chair Friedman added that the FCEC has requested that the task force present its recommendation to the Faculty Council for its consideration and input before implementation is initiated. The UT System Faculty Advisory Council is expressing a higher level of concern regarding MyEdu than UT Austin’s faculty, according to Chair Friedman, because some of the system advisory members have been told by their respective administrations that MyEdu’s specifications will be uniformly set at the UT System level, and variances will not be available on their campuses. As a result, the UT System Faculty Advisory Council is expected to set up its own task force to monitor how MyEdu is implemented on a system-wide basis.

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