January 23, 2012


A. Election of the Chair Elect (D 9351).

Chair Friedman announced with sadness that Chair Elect Ortiz has decided to take the incentivized retirement offered by the College of Education and would be retiring this year on August 31st. He said this had created an unprecedented situation so he had looked at what the bylaws said should be done, which involved the following one-sentence statement: “If either the chair or the chair elect should cease to be a member of the Faculty Council, the Council shall promptly elect a successor.” Due to the lack of specifics, Chair Friedman said he decided the simplest way to handle this was for the FCEC to become a nominating committee for the position. He reported that the FCEC had nominated Professor Martha Hilley (music) to serve as chair elect, and she had agreed to stand for election. Vice President Ohlendorf, who serves as the Council’s parliamentarian, said it would be helpful to clarify for the members if Chair Elect Ortiz planned to resign immediately or serve out her full term. Chair Friedman said Chair Elect Ortiz had agreed to stay on to finish the arrangements for the joint meeting with Texas A&M’s Senate and perhaps the Texas Council of Faculty Senates. He said he hoped then the position would be turned over to the new chair elect following the completion of those tasks, but a specific date had not been set. The intent, according to Chair Friedman, was that the transition would take place as smoothly as possible. He asked if there were any comments, questions, concerns, or nominations, and there were none. He said he was assuming the Council was willing to take the FCEC’s nomination of Professor Hilley for Chair Elect as a motion, which did not require a second. He called for the vote to elect Professor HIlley as chair elect to succeed Professor Ortiz, and the motion was unanimously passed. Chair Friedman commented, “That sounded like acclimation to me.” He congratulated Professor Hilley, and the Council reacted with a round of applause.
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