March 19, 2012


A. Report of the Committee to Nominate Voting Faculty Members to the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee (D 9544).

Chair Friedman announced that the first item of new business was to elect faculty representatives to the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee. Chair Friedman read a prepared statement he had received from the first nominee on the ballot, Professor Christine Julien (electrical and computer engineering), who was unable to attend the Council meeting. The statement highlighted Professor Julien’s educational background, research and instructional areas of expertise, professional and community service activities, and awards. Professor Brian Evans (electrical and computer engineering) explained that Professor Julien could not attend the Council meeting because she was teaching a class at 3:00 PM on Mondays this semester. Chair Friedman asked the following nominees to give brief presentations regarding their backgrounds, areas of instructional and research expertise, service activities, and specific interests and qualifications for serving on the committee:
  • Desmond F. Lawler, professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
  • Michael P. Domjan, professor, psychology
  • Lorenzo A. Sadun, professor, mathematics
  • Patricia A. Carter, associate professor, nursing
Professor Sadun did not attend and did not provide a statement to be read on his behalf. After the presentations, Chair Friedman asked if there were any nominations from the floor, and there were none. He then ruled that the nominations were closed and asked Council members to complete their ballots and turn them in to staff members from the Office of the General Faculty. Later in the meeting, after the ballots were counted, Chair Friedman announced that Professors Lawler and Carter had been elected to serve on the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee; he thanked the other candidates for their participation and willingness to serve.
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