October 31, 2011


B. Resolution on the Conferral of Degrees (D 9101).

Chair Friedman explained that the faculty traditionally have been responsible for curriculum and conferral of degrees; however, in recent years the Council had not formally acted in its role on behalf of the faculty regarding the degree conferral process. Past chairs have expressed concern that at least ritualistically acknowledging the role of faculty in this process is a good idea and have recommended passage of the following resolution, which was submitted on behalf of the FCEC:

RESOLVED: In reference to the Handbook of Operating Procedures, Chapter 1, Section III: Faculty Council, A. Authority and Functions, and D. Approval of Degree Candidates, the Faculty Rules and Governance Committee recommends that the Faculty Council, by affirmative vote, delegate for the academic year 2011-12 the approval or disapproval of all.

Professor Neikirk (past Council chair) spoke in favor of the resolution by saying he thought it was important to recognize that this is a faculty responsibility. Although it is pro forma, in his opinion, he felt that this action helped to remind everyone of the faculty’s roles at the University. Professor Neikirk reported that he listened carefully at last spring’s graduation, and all but one dean made it clear that the authority for degree conferral came from the faculty. Chair Friedman called for the vote and the resolution was unanimously approved by voice vote.


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