October 31, 2011


C. Motion to Update the Core Curriculum Course Lists for the Undergraduate Catalog, 2012-2014 (D 9108-9117).

Associate Dean Lawrence Abraham (undergraduate studies) said he would present the legislation in the absence of Undergraduate Studies Dean Paul Woodruff, who had to leave the meeting. Associate Dean Abraham said approval of the core curriculum course lists had to be done every other year in preparation for the new Undergraduate Catalog. The School of Undergraduate Studies receives proposals from departments and schools seeking changes in the list of courses to include in the catalog that fulfill core requirements. The entire list, following approval at the University, is sent to UT System and to the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for review and approval. To simplify the process, Associate Dean Abraham presented the changes to the list on PowerPoint slides that are attached in Appendix C. He said the courses that were being removed from the list were, for the most part, those that undergraduate studies had learned were no longer included in the course inventory or were no longer being offered. The second list included courses that were to be added to the list of core courses. The last part includes language to clarify pairings of courses in the natural sciences block, where there are two courses that need to be taken from the same science. According to the associate dean, there had been some discussion as to what the term “same science” really meant, especially with regard to physics and physical science; however, the College of Natural Sciences helped clarify this matter. In addition, the list contains an interdisciplinary sequence that is being offered and new language to explain how the courses in this sequence can be separated from the courses in part II of natural sciences required core courses. Professor Chesney recommended removal of a class titled Visual Art Studies 320 from the list of courses to be deleted. He explained that this course was established for the 2010-12 catalog to meet the core curriculum and will be offered for the first time in the upcoming spring semester. Associate Dean Abraham said he would accept Professor Chesney’s recommendation as a friendly amendment. Chair Friedman said no further discussion was needed to add the course back in if he individual who seconded the motion was agreeable to the amendment. After that occurred, Chair Friedman asked if there was further discussion, and there was none. The chair then called for the vote on the motion as amended, and the motion was unanimously approved.


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