October 31, 2011


E. Proposal To Add Minimum Grades for Courses Used in the Core Curriculum (D 9135).

Professor Staiger reported the proposal for establishing a consistent minimum grade for core courses had been unanimously approved by the Educational Policy Committee after being forwarded from the Undergraduate Studies Advisory Committee. She said that both committees felt there needed to be consistency in the minimum grade standard across campus. She explained that colleges and schools may, however, require higher grades if a course is to be used in the major field or is a prerequisite for a course in the major. The proposed recommendation is to add the following statement to Chapter 2 of the Undergraduate Catalog:

The minimum acceptable grade for courses used to fulfill core curriculum requirements is D-; individual degree plans may not require a higher minimum standard for core courses in general. However, individual degree plans may set a higher minimum grade standard for core courses that are also required in the major field or are required as prerequisites for courses in the major.

When Chair Friedman asked if there were comments or questions about the recommendation, Professor Hilley responded, “I just have to go on record and say it is a sad, sad day when a D- is an acceptable grade.” Professor Staiger said the same point was raised in the Educational Policy Committee, but the general view of committee members was that an individual either passed or did not pass, and the committee decided since a D- was passing at UT Austin that it should be stipulated as the passing grade for core courses. Chair Friedman asked if there were other comments, and there were none. He called for a voice vote, and the vote was inconclusive. He then called for a vote by show of hands, and the recommendation passed, with fourteen voting in favor, eight voting in opposition, and one abstaining.


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