November 28, 2011


After thanking President Powers for his informative responses to the FCEC’s questions, Chair Friedman said he perceived the president was requesting the Council to hold him to the commitment of faculty involvement in the new process of resource allocation and to assure that the results of this change actually improve the functioning of the University in these areas. He encouraged Council members to inform their colleagues about the change, monitor how the process is implemented in their respective colleges/schools and departments, and provide feedback to FCEC members and/or the University administration. Because the experiences will vary across campus, Chair Friedman stressed how essential it was for each Council member to take responsibility for monitoring and reporting on the implementation and results of the new system. He expected that the president and provost would welcome input from the Council about faculty experiences and perceptions.

Chair Friedman reported on the FCEC’s involvement in a number of meetings on campus issues, including laptop encryption regulations, policy updating of the Handbook of Operating Procedures (HOP), security preparations regarding campus protests/demonstrations, and overview of the content and operations of the faculty information system. The process of updating the HOP will take several years, and the FCEC learned it had been designed to only provide a statement of current policies. Members of the FCEC recommended that the history of each policy be accessible so it would be possible to know what the wording of the previous policy had actually said and the date the policy had changed. Chair Friedman said there had been assurances since the meeting that the history would be accessible through the new HOP when it becomes available. Given the level of unrest occurring around the country, he said the FCEC wanted the faculty and student leadership involved in making sure, to the extent possible, that any demonstrations would remain nonviolent on the part of all involved parties, if protests occurred on the UT Austin campus. With regard to the faculty information system, Chair Friedman said a report to the Council would likely be made in the future.

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