November 28, 2011


A. Proposed Revisions to the Language Concerning the Election of the Secretary of the General Faculty (D 9214).

Professor Dean Neikirk (electrical and computer engineering; chair, Faculty Rules and Governance Committee) said this proposal revised the nomination and election procedure for the position of secretary of the General Faculty. The main objectives were to have the term of service correspond to the academic year rather than the calendar year and set the election to occur no later than January before the new secretary would take office at the beginning of the following academic year. Although the election has historically occurred at the October General Faculty meeting, scheduling conflicts in recent years have delayed the meeting and election. Professor Neikirk explained the changes would make the secretary’s term correspond with that of other elected faculty governance positions and provide the home department and/or college/school of the newly-elected secretary with adequate time to make appropriate adjustments to teaching assignments. Another aspect of the legislation moved the responsibility for the nomination of the secretary from a committee appointed by the president to the FCEC; Professor Neikirk indicated that members of the FCEC had largely been chosen to serve on the nomination committee in recent years, and this change would make that role official. The nominating committee is responsible for providing the name of at least one nominee early in the fall, so the General Faculty can be informed in a timely manner before the General Faculty meeting; other nominations from the floor of the General Faculty meeting would still be allowed as in the past. Wording changes to the incapacitation clause were made to correspond with the title of the official position, which is secretary of the General Faculty.

Chair Friedman thanked Professor Neikirk. Because the legislation came from a standing committee, he said there was no need for a second. He asked if there were any questions, and there were none. The chair called for the vote, and the legislation was unanimously passed by voice vote.

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