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Following are the minutes of the special Faculty Council meeting of May 14, 2012.
Sue Alexander Greninger, Secretary
General Faculty and Faculty Council

MAY 14, 2012

The first special meeting of the Faculty Council for the academic year 2012-13 was held in Main 212 on Monday, May 14, 2012, at 2:15 P.M.


Present: Kamran S. Aghaie, Byron P. Almen, Jacqueline L. Angel, Seth R. Bank, William Beckner, Carl S. Blyth, Simeon P. Bochev, Catherine Boone, Keffrelyn D. Brown, William "Wills" Kerby Brown, Andrew McKinley Clark, Janet M. Davis, Patrick J. Davis, Lesley A. Dean-Jones, Diana M. DiNitto, Michael P. Domjan, Matthew S. Eastin, Zachary S. Elkins, Oliver Freiberger, Alan W. Friedman, Elizabeth T. Gershoff, Mark A. Gooden, Sue A. Greninger, Patricia I. Hansen, Hillary Hart, Martha F. Hilley, David M. Hillis, Coleman Hutchison, Jody Jensen, Christine L. Julien, Susan R. Klein, Thor Ericson Lund, Hunter C. March, Blinda E. McClelland, Michael R. Morton, Gretchen Murphy, Jon E. Olson, Yolanda C. Padilla, Ellen M. Rathje , Michael John Austin Redding, Linda E. Reichl, Andrew M. Riggsby, Jack L. Ritchie, Victor B. Saenz, Cesar A Salgado, Sonia T. Seeman, Snehal A. Shingavi, Clayton T. Shorkey, Henry Joel Simmons, David S. Stein, Daniel D. Sutherland, Emanuel Tutuc, Leslie J. Vaaler, Lynn R. Wilkinson.

Absent: Gayle J. Acton, Urton L. Anderson (excused), Hans C. Boas (excused), William L. Fisher (excused), Beverly L. Hadaway, Jacqueline C. Henninger (excused), Neville Hoad (excused), Hans Hofmann (excused), Michael Johnson, Nancy P. Kwallek (excused), Alberto A. Martinez (excused), Matthew S McGlone, Gordon S. Novak (excused), Anthony J. Petrosino (excused), Llewellyn K. Rabenberg (excused), Patricia Roberts-Miller (excused), Ehud I. Ronn (excused), Arthur Sakamoto (excused), Marvin D. Shepherd (excused), Sharon L. Strover (excused), Dnika J. Travis (excused), Jo Lynn Westbrook (excused), Leo E. Zonn (excused).

Voting Members: 54 present, 23 absent,


Chair Martha F. Hilley (music) called the special meeting of the 2012-13 Faculty Council to order and explained that the purpose of the special meeting was to choose a chair elect for the 2012-13 Council, as well as three Faculty Council Executive Committee (FCEC) members. In addition to Chair Friedman and Chair Elect Hilley, the following members of the 2011-12 FCEC served on the nominating committee: Professors Mark I. Alpert (marketing), Alan W. Friedman (English), Shernaz B. Garcia (special education), Sue Alexander Greninger (human development and family sciences), Dean P. Neikirk (electrical and computer engineering), Karen I. Rascati (pharmacy), and Stanley J. Roux (molecular cell and developmental biology).

A. Election of the chair elect.

After announcing the nominees for chair elect as Professor Jacqueline L. Angel (public affairs) and Distinguished Senior Lecturer Hillary Hart (civil, architectural, and environmental engineering), Chair Hilley asked if there were other nominations from the floor. Since there were none, she then introduced the two candidates and asked each to make a brief statement. Both candidates summarized their past experiences and positions on faculty governance committees, the Faculty Council, and other professional organizations, as well as their general goals and interests in serving in the Council’s leadership during the next three years.

B. Election of three members to the Executive Committee.

Chair Hilley introduced the following slate of nominees for the three positions on the Faculty Council Executive Committee: Professors Patrick J. Davis (pharmacy), Diana M. DiNitto (social work), Michael P. Domjan (psychology), Susan R. Klein (law), Patricia Roberts-Miller (rhetoric and writing), Ehud I. Ronn (finance), and Jo Lynn Westbrook (information) . She asked if there were any other nominations from the floor, and there were none. Professors Davis, Domjam, and Klein gave brief presentations that highlighted their experiences, interests, and concerns regarding faculty governance activities and how they might best contribute to the Council and University needs during the coming academic year. Chair Hilley read statements prepared by Professors DiNitto, Ronn, and Roberts-Miller, who could not attend the meeting due to schedule conflicts and other responsibilities. Chair Hilley asked if all members of the 2012-2013 Faculty Council had ballots on which to mark their votes. The ballots were collected and counted by staff from the Office of the General Faculty and Faculty Council.

The official results of the election were announced during the follow-on meeting of the 2011-12 Faculty Council. Dr. Hart was elected to serve as the 2012-13 chair elect; Professors Davis, Domjan, and Klein were elected to serve as members of the 2012-13 Faculty Council Executive Committee.

Professor Jo Lynn Westbrook withdrew her name from the ballot prior to the meeting; however, the Office of the General Faculty did not receive her message until they returned to the office following the meeting.


A. Martha Hilley has completed the General Faculty Standing Committee assignments for next year. Members will be receiving notice of their appointment soon. She thanked everybody for his or her willingness to serve.

B. Next year, UT Austin will host the annual joint meeting with the Texas A&M Faculty Senate on February 25, 2013. Faculty Council members are asked to mark their calendars for this all-day event.

C. The 2012-13 Faculty Council meetings are posted on the Faculty Council's website.


The meeting adjourned at 4:12 p.m.

Distributed through the Faculty Council website on June 26, 2012.