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Rules Committee of the General Faculty


The Faculty Rules and Governance Committee (FR&G) conducted most of its business via e-mail during 2011-12 and also met on February 13, 2012 and August 10, 2012. A meeting with administration to discuss voting rights legislation was also held October 19, 2011, in addition to discussion on this issue that took place during Faculty Council Executive Committee meetings throughout the academic year. Legislation relating to voting rights (D 8512-8513 and D 8563), revisions to the no-protest legislation procedure (D 9505-9509), and revisions to departmental budget council authority (D 8456-8458) was all passed by the Faculty Council, but remain pending in the Office of the President. It is likely that the voting rights legislation will require further revision and reconsideration but the Faculty Council. Legislation concerning changes in the nomination and election procedure for the secretary of the General Faculty (D 9214) was approved during 2011-12. Extensive discussions in conjunction with the Faculty Council Executive Committee continue on revisions to the proposed revisions to UT Austin’s HOP 3.16 Threatened Faculty Retrenchment (D 8936-8939) also took place in 2011-12.

In spring 2012, the committee elected Dean Neikirk as chair elect to serve as chair during 2012-13.


Dean Neikirk, chair