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Educational Policy Committee


The primary work for the Educational Policy Committee for 2011-12 involved recommending to the Faculty Council various changes to the Undergraduate Catalog and the General Information Catalog (GIC). Several other minor matters came to our attention.


One question involving the Course-Instructor Survey (CIS) remains to be considered by next year’s committee. As well, policies to improve graduate rates and changes in state requirements for the core curriculum will be on the agenda for next year’s committee.


The Educational Policy Committee was busy with changes to the undergraduate core curriculum and other catalogue changes. After serious discussion with proponents and opponents and consultation with experts on peer review in writing, the committee agreed to recommend changing the requirements for the writing flag in the core curriculum. We recommended the removal of the requirement that students read each other’s work, although we still urge this as an excellent optional practice (see D 9349-9350).


Additional recommended modifications were:


  • Changes in the Dropping a Class Policy for Undergraduate Students in GIC (D 9504)
  • Changes in the Adding a Class Policy in GIC (D 9177-9178 and D 9498-9499)
  • Changes in the Grades Policy in GIC (D 9176 and D 9496-9497)
  • Clarification of the Applicability of ROTC Courses in the Core Curriculum (D 9136)
  • The Addition of Minimum Grades for Courses Used in the Core Curriculum (D 9135)
  • Clarification of Information about the Transfer of Core Courses from State Public Institutions in the School of Undergraduate Studies (D 9124-9126)
  • Revision of the Flag Descriptions in the School of Undergraduate Studies (D 9121-9123)
  • Changes in the Deadline to Drop Policy in GIC (D 9500)
  • Changes in the Honors Day Policy in GIC (D 9346-9347)
  • Changes in the language about the Basic Education Requirements (D 9132-9134)
  • Changes in Withdrawal Counseling in GIC (in progress)


State Law now requires that the University establish a deadline of at least 30 days before the first day of classes for faculty members to submit information about required texts. The Educational Policy Committee approved and forwarded to the Faculty Council a resolution affirming this requirement and encouraging faculty to respond to the bookstore requests for earlier notification if possible.


The CIS subcommittee of the Educational Policy Committee considered reviewing the CIS instrument to ask what we wish this tool to achieve. The Senate of College Councils submitted suggestions to revise the standard CIS. Next year’s Educational Policy Committee needs to consult with experts on CIS tools to consider the senate’s proposals, as well as the general questions of whether and how we need to revise the CIS.


Tom Garza served as vice chair for 2011-12. Mary Rose was elected chair-elect for 2012-13. The chair for 2011-12 appreciated the very prompt and responsible service of all of the members of the Educational Policy Committee--both elected and ex officio.


Janet Staiger, chair