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Faculty Building Advisory Committee


During the 2011-12 academic year, the Faculty Building Advisory Committee (FBAC) provided input on several projects, including the Public Art Project proposed for the College of Communication and the Engineering Education and Research Center. Members of the committee also serve on the Campus Master Plan Committee.

FBAC activities declined this year, because the economic downturn adversely affected construction on campus. The Engineering Education and Research Center (EERC) was discussed several times and received enthusiastic support at the conclusion of design development. More than 20 percent of the EERC is devoted to teaching spaces, including classrooms, teaching laboratories, and project space for teams of undergraduate students.

The committee provided advice on the installation of “And That’s the Way It Is,” Ben Rubin’s large-scale visual projection on the south façade of the Jesse H. Jones Communication Center A. The committee believed that the work of art was a good fit for the College of Communication and was a strong addition to the Landmarks Program. The work was unveiled on April 19, 2012, and will be visible every evening from dusk until midnight.

The FBAC continues to promote four priorities:

  • The completion of a new Campus Master Plan. The committee believes that a strong plan will save the campus money in the long run and ensure an integrated architectural environment.
  • The FBAC remains focused on ensuring that new buildings are sustainable and efficient. Rather than simply seeking a target Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating for new construction, the committee’s aim is to reduce the life-cycle costs.
  • The FBAC continues focus on increasing the inventory of general-purpose classrooms across campus.
  • The FBAC also addresses accessibility issues on campus with a goal of ensuring that all new construction meets the needs of persons with disabilities.

These issues will remain priorities for 2012-13.


Sharon Wood, chair