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Parking and Traffic Appeals Panel


The Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee reviews the second level of appeals for fines arising from enforcement of the University’s parking regulations. A person receiving a parking citation can first appeal to the Parking and Traffic Services staff and, if not satisfied with the result, can appeal to the committee to consider their case for reduction or dismissal of the fine.

The committee is divided into six review panels, each with six or seven members, and a mix of faculty, staff, and students. Each review panel considers a group of appeals, five to ten at a time, over a 2-3-week period. The individual panelists use their UTEID and password to access the web-based site to review the cases. Each case consists of evidence presented by the Parking and Traffic Services administration and the appellant. After reviewing the case, the panelist enters a vote to uphold, reduce or dismiss the fine. The chair of the committee reviews the panelists’ votes and comments and makes the final decision on the appeal. There is no further avenue for appeal beyond this committee. Generally, about three quarters of the committee’s membership responds when asked to review appeals and this produces 4-6 responses per appeal, enough to gain a collective sense of how each appeal is viewed by the committee members.

To date, the committee has considered 200 cases. This compares to 113 cases at this point in time of the 204 total cases reviewed in the previous academic year. The committee will consider new appeals throughout the summer as they are posted to the parking and traffic appeals website.

The committee elected Michelle Habeck as chair for the 2012-13 academic year.

The committee chair extends deep appreciation to the committee members for their timely and thoughtful reviews of the cases this year. She is also very grateful for the support of Parking and Traffic Services staff, in particular Jeri Baker, Margaret Rogers, Shola Esho, Paul Muscato, and Amanda Harkrider, in the operation of the committee.

  Alexandra Garcia, chair