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Parking and Traffic Policies Committee


The committee met in September, October, November, and March and considered the following issues:

Election of co-vice chairs
Blinda McClelland and Patricia Somers served as co-vice chairs.

Bicycles, scooters and skateboards on campus
The issue of allowing bicycles, scooters (such as razors) and skateboards on campus took up the bulk of our meeting time. Non-members attended meetings to advocate for rule changes. Both Parking and Transportation staff and the committee want to encourage the use of alternative methods of transportation to UT. Proposed rules are attached (Appendix A).

Parking rate increase
A parking rate increase was proposed by Parking and Transportation staff as reflected on the attached table (Appendix B). The committee approved the proposed rates with the exception that the O permit prices was to be raised by 5%. The parking rate increase was at most $1/month for faculty and staff, and there was no increase for students. However, during the summer it became apparent that parking permit availability had changed for some categories affecting costs for some departments. This should be discussed by the committee in the fall.

Election of chair-elect
Pat Somers was elected to chair the committee for the 2012-13 year.

Betsy Greenberg, chair