C-11 Research Policy Committee

Chair: Rebecca Bigler
Vice Chair: Jonathan B. Dingwell
Chair Elect: TBD no later than February 2012.

Minutes (PDF): To be posted following first meeting.

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2010-11 Annual Report

FUNCTION: To advise the Faculty Council and the president on matters relating to the research mission of the University and relationship between the research mission and other components of the University's overall mission. To provide for wider dissemination of information concerning the research mission of the University and how that mission is being discharged.

COMPOSITION: Nine members of the General Faculty, one school or college administrator (associate dean for research), two research staff members, one undergraduate student, and two graduate students. Student members shall be appointed by the president in the fall from a panel of names submitted by the Student Senate and the Graduate Student Assembly. In addition, every year the chair of the Faculty Council shall appoint two members of the Faculty Council for one-year terms as members of the committee. No more than two faculty members of the committee shall be from a given college or school. At least one of the graduate student members of the committee shall be enrolled in one of the Ph.D. programs of the graduate school. The committee shall elect its own chair and vice chair, both of whom shall be members of the General Faculty. Both the vice president for research and the vice provost and dean of graduate studies shall serve as administrative advisors to the committee without vote.

Members, 2011-12:
  Abrevaya, Jason 2010-2012 professor, economics
  Bigler, Rebecca 2010-2012 professor, psychology
  Boyarchenko, Svetlana 2010-2012 associate professor, economics
  Brown, Sharon A. 2011-2013 professor, nursing
  Dingwell, Jonathan B. 2011-2013 associate professor, kinesiology and health education
  Domjan, Wendy 2010-2012 distinguished senior lecturer, psychology
  Marcotte, Edward M. 2010-2012 professor, chemistry and biochemistry
  Neikirk, Dean P. 2011-2013 electrical and computer engineering
  Srinivasan, Rajashri 2011-2013 associate professor, marketing

Faculty Council Appointees:
  Chesney, Lee R. 2011-2012 associate professor, art and art history
  Holcombe, James A. 2011-2012 professor, chemistry and biochemistry

Two Research Staff:
  Banks, Sean 2010-2012 research associate and programmer, Population Research Center
  Strank, Shannon M. 2011-2013 manager, electromechanics

One College or School Administrator:
  Ekerdt, John G. 2011-2012

associate dean for research, engineering

Three Students:
  Hirsch, Ryan Alexandra 2011-2012 Senate of College Councils representative
  Kaoud, Tamer S. 2011-2012 Graduate Student Assembly representative
  Nguyen, Mary M. 2011-2012 Graduate Student Assembly representative

Administrative Advisors:
  Judith Langlois ex officio vice provost, graduate studies
  Sanchez, Juan M. ex officio vice president for research