2012-2013 Faculty Council Membership

Faculty Council Executive Committee

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For the academic year 2012-13, the Faculty Council consists of 113 members, as classified below.

Elected Faculty Members with Vote (69)

Elected by the General Faculty
Group I: professors and associate professors (10)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester 2013)

  Joseph C. Carter, professor, classics14
Patrick J. Davis, professor, pharmacy
Diana M. DiNitto, professor, social work1
Martha F. Hilley, Faculty Council chair and professor, music
David M. Hillis, professor, integrative biology
Neville Hoad, associate professor, English
Matthew S. McGlone, associate professor, communication studies2
Gretchen Murphy, associate professor, English
Yolanda C. Padilla, professor, social work
Lynn R. Wilkinson, associate professor, Germanic studies3

Group II: assistant professors and Other Non-tenured Faculty (10)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester 2013)
  Seth R. Bank, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering
Keffrelyn D. Brown, assistant professor, curriculum instruction
Zachary Elkins, associate professor, government
Coleman Hutchison, assistant professor, English
Luisa Nardini, associate professor, music7
Marc Pierce, assistant professor, Germanic studies12
Victor B. Saenz, assistant professor, educational administration
Snehal A. Shingavi, assistant professor, English
Emanuel Tutuc, assistant professor, electrical and computer engineering
Nina I. Zuna, assistant professor, special education11

Ex Officio Faculty Members with Vote (2)
(To serve until August 31, 2013)
Secretary of the Faculty Council
  Sue Alexander Greninger, associate professor, human development and family sciences

(To serve until August 31, 2013)
Past Chair of the Faculty Council (2011-12)
  Alan W. Friedman, professor, English

Elected by the Graduate Assembly (1)
(To serve until August 31, 2013)

Chair of the Graduate Assembly:
  Hunter March, professor, music

Elected by the Individual Colleges and Schools (47)
(To serve until first class day of fall semester 2014)

Representative of the School of Architecture (1)
  Nancy Kwallek, professor

Representatives of the Red McCombs School of Business (3)
  Urton L. Anderson, professor, accounting
Beverly L. Hadaway, associate professor, finance
Ehud I. Ronn, professor, finance

Representatives of the College of Communication (2)
Matthew S. Eastin, associate professor, advertising
Sharon L. Strover, professor, radio-television-film

Representatives of the College of Education (3)
  Mark A. Gooden, associate professor, educational administration
Jody Jensen, professor, kinesiology and health education
Anthony J. Petrosino, associate professor, curriculum and instruction

Representatives of the Cockrell School of Engineering (5)
  Hillary Hart, Faculty Council chair elect and distinguished senior lecturer,
      civil, architectural, and environmental engineering
Christine L. Julien, associate professor, electrical and computer engineering
Jon E. Olson, associate professor, petroleum and geosystems engineering
Llewellyn K. Rabenberg, associate professor, mechanical engineering
Ellen M. Rathje, professor, civil, architectural, and environmental engineering

Representatives of the College of Fine Arts (3)
  Byron P. Almen, associate professor, music
Sonia T. Seeman, assistant professor, music
Daniel D. Sutherland, associate professor, art and art history

Representatives of the Jackson School of Geosciences (1)
  William Fisher, professor, geosciences

Representatives of the School of Law (2)
  Patricia Hansen, professor
Susan R. Klein, professor

Representatives of the College of Liberal Arts (13)
  M. Samer Ali, associate professor, Middle Eastern studies15
Hans C. Boas, associate professor, Germanic studies
Catherine Boone, professor, government
Janet M. Davis, associate professor, American studies
Lesley A. Dean-Jones, associate professor, classics
Michael P. Domjan, professor, psychology
Oliver Freiberger, associate professor, Asian studies
Alberto A. Martinez, associate professor, history
Andrew M. Riggsby, professor, classics
Patricia Roberts-Miller, professor, rhetoric and writing
Cesar A. Salgado, associate professor, Spanish and Portuguese
Charters S. Wynn, associate professor, history 10
Leo E. Zonn, professor, geography and the environment

Representative of the School of Information (1)
  Jo Lynn Westbrook, associate professor

Representatives of the College of Natural Sciences (9)
  William Beckner, professor, mathematics
Elizabeth T. Gershoff, associate professor, human development and family sciences
Johann Hofmann, associate professor, integrative biology
Blinda E. McClelland, lecturer, biological sciences
Gordon S. Novak, professor, computer science
Linda E. Reichl, professor, physics
Jack L. Ritchie, professor, physics
David S. Stein, professor, molecular cell and developmental biology
Leslie J. Vaaler, senior lecturer, mathematics

Representative of the School of Nursing (1)
  Gayle J. Acton, associate professor

Representative of the College of Pharmacy (1)
  Marvin D. Shepherd, professor

Representative of the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs (1)
Jacqueline Angel, professor

Representative of the School of Social Work (1)
  Clayton T. Shorkey, professor

Student Members with Vote (7)
(To serve until first meeting of Faculty Council in fall semester 2013)
  Selected by Student Government (3)
  Thor Ericson Lund, president; senior, mechanical engineering/engineering honors
William "Wills" Kerby Brown, vice president; senior, psychology
Simeon P. Bochev, senior, electrical and computer engineering

Selected by Senate of College Councils (2)
  Michael R. Morton, president; senior, journalism
Andrew McKinley Clark, vice president; junior, international relations and global studies

  Selected by Graduate Student Assembly (2)
  Michael J. Redding, president; information studies
Henry Joel Simmons, vice president; law

Administrative Members Ex Officio without Vote (33)  
  President: William Powers Jr.
  Executive Vice President and Provost: Steven W. Leslie
Senior Vice President: James L. Hill 9

Vice Presidents (8)
  Vice President for University Operations: Patricia L. Clubb
  Associate Vice President & Chief Information Officer: Brad G. Englert
Vice President for Student Affairs: Gage E. Paine4
  Vice President and Chief Financial Officer: Kevin P. Hegarty
  Vice President for Legal Affairs: Patricia C. Ohlendorf
  Associate Vice President for Development: Julie Hooper
  Vice President for Research: Juan M. Sanchez, professor, mechanical engineering
  Vice President for Diversity and Community Engagement: Gregory J. Vincent

Deans of Colleges and Schools (17)
  School of Architecture:
Frederick Steiner
professor, architecture and planning

School of Law
Ward Farnsworth6
dean and professor, law

  Red McCombs School of Business
Thomas W. Gilligan
professor, finance and business economics

  College of Liberal Arts
Randy Diehl
professor, psychology

  College of Communication
Roderick P. Hart

professor, communication studies

  Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs
Robert L. Hutchings
professor, political science

  College of Education
Manuel J. Justiz
professor, educational administration

College of Natural Sciences
Linda A.Hicke5
professor, biochemistry and cell biology

  Cockrell School of Engineering
Gregory L. Fenves

professor, civil and environmental engineering

  School of Nursing
Alexa M. Stuifbergen
professor, nursing
  College of Fine Arts
Douglas Dempster
professor, theatre and dance

  College of Pharmacy
M. Lynn Crismon
professor, pharmacy practice

  John A. and Katherine G. Jackson School of Geosciences
Sharon Mosher
professor, geosciences

  School of Social Work
Luis H. Zayas
professor, social work

  Graduate School
Judith H. Langlois

interim dean and professor, psychology

School of Undergraduate Studies
Brent L. Iverson16
dean and professor, chemistry

  School of Information
Andrew P. Dillon
professor, human computer interaction

Other Administrative Members (5)
  Interim Executive Director of Continuing and Innovative Education: Jeff D. Treichel13
  Vice Provost and Director of General Libraries: Fred M. Heath, professor, information
  Senior Associate Vice President and Dean of Students: Soncia Reagins-Lilly, clinical assistant professor, educational administration
  Vice Provost and Registrar: Vincent S. (Shelby) Stanfield
  Vice Provost and Director of Admissions: Kedra Ishop

Staff Representatives without Vote (2)
Selected by Staff Council
(To serve through August 2014)
Jeannie Farahnak, senior payroll associate, Payroll Services
(To serve through August 2013)
Gary A. Thomas8, technical staff associate, physics

1Replaced Jeffrey C. "Chipps" Smith (professor, art and art history) who resigned from the Council effective August 31, 2012.
2Replaced James R. Yates (professor, educational administration) who retired effective August 31, 2012.
3Replaced Mark I. Alpert (professor, marketing) who went on phased retirement effective August 31, 2012.
4Effective August 1, 2012, replaced Juan C. González (senior lecturer, educational administration) who returned to teaching in the College of Education this year after serving seven years as vice president for student affairs.
5Effective July 15, 2012, replaced David A. Laude (interim dean) who has been appointed to serve as senior vice provost of enrollment and graduation management.
6Effective June 1, 2012, replaced Stefanie A. Lindquist (interim dean).
7Replaced Jacqueline C. Henninger (assistant professor, music) who was the recipient of a Fulbright Scholar Award and taught and researched in Tanzania, East Africa, during the 2012-13 academic year. Professor Nardini was promoted to associate professor effective September 2012.
8Effective the first class day of the fall 2012 session, Deborah J. Carney resigned from the Faculty Council.
9 James L. Hill (senior vice president and special assistant to the president) died Sunday, September 2, 2012, in Austin at the age of 84.
10 Arthur Sakamoto (professor, sociology) left the University prior to fall 2012, and was replaced by John J. Ruszkiewicz (professor, rhetoric and writing) who subsequently resigned from the Council on March 29, 2013.
11 Replaced Dnika J. Travis (assistant professor, social work) who resigned from the University in summer 2012.
12 Replaced Michael Johnson (assistant professor, French and Italian) who resigned from the Faculty Council on November 19, 2012.
13 Dr. Linda L. Glessner (executive director of Continuing and Innovative Education (CIE) at UT Austin) died on Saturday, January 12, 2013.
14 Replaced Carl S. Blyth (associate professor, French and Italian) who was on leave in spring 2013 and resigned from the Council.
15 Replaced Kamran S. Aghaie (associate professor, Middle Eastern studies) who resigned from the Faculty Council on May 7, 2013.
16Replaced Interim Dean Lawrence Abraham effective July 1, 2013.