February 18, 2013


B. Proposed Q-Drop Policy in the General Information Catalog (D 10193-10194).

Chair Mary Rose (associate professor, sociology) said that the Educational Policy Committee unanimously voted to propose that faculty no longer be required to sign Q-drop forms between the thirteenth class day and the final deadline. Professor Rose acknowledged that the original intent of the policy was to provide students and instructors a chance to check in with each other.  However, she said the faculty member’s signature is neither needed, nor does it serve the intended purpose and often constitutes a last-minute logistic hurdle. Professor Rose suggested that other means of fostering communication between students and teachers could be implemented.

Professor Beckner asked if the proposal was in any way related to the recent change in policy regarding one-time exceptions (OTE) to the Q-drop policy. Dr. Rose replied that the two were completely separate and that her committee’s proposal did not include OTEs. She also noted that students may try to get out of a class at the last minute to avoid an academic dishonesty issue and that a mechanism would be put in place in the deans’ offices to secure instructor contact regarding any outstanding concerns.

Professor Beckner related an anecdote to the Council in support of having students come talk to their professor before dropping a class. Professor Rose acknowledged that this might on occasion be the case, but the requirement merely provides an additional hurdle and an inconvenience for both student and teacher in the majority of cases.

Professor Marvin Shepherd (pharmacy) asked if the impact of the change would be monitored. Professor Rose said that the number of Q-drops allowed for each student is very limited, thus reducing the possible impact. She also noted that, as part of an effort to improve four-year graduation rates, the impact of this resolution could also be monitored.

Chair Hilley called for a voice vote on the proposal from the Educational Policy Committee, and the legislation was approved with the exception of one negative vote.

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