MAY 6, 2013


D. Proposed Change to General Information Catalog Language on Multiple Degrees Policy as Approved by the Educational Policy Committee (D 10330-10331).

Professor Rose explained that, when pursuing multiple degrees, a student currently has to complete at least twenty-four semester credit hours in addition to what is required for the degree with the highest number of hours. She reported that the registrar had done extensive research on the history of this requirement and could not find a written rationale or a state requirement for its existence. Given the current emphasis on time-to-degree completion rates, the Educational Policy Committee voted unanimously in favor of deleting the required extra hours.

Professor Olson asked if the committee had consulted the student affairs office in the Cockrell School of Engineering. Registrar Shelby Stanfield replied that no specific colleges or schools had been consulted, but he had “looked for federal and state statutes and whether or not it was a requirement for SACS [Southern Association of Colleges and Schools] accreditation or other statutes among those lines and didn’t find any.” When Professor Olson asked if this were a University rule even though it were being utilized in only three schools, business, engineering, and nursing, Professor Rose responded, “Yes.” Chair Hilley called for the vote, and the proposal was approved with one abstention.

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