MAY 6, 2013


E. Proposed Policy on the Recognition of Undergraduate Academic Minors on Official University Transcripts as Approved by the Educational Policy Committee (D 10359-10361).

Professor Rose presented this student-initiated proposal, supported by Vice Provost Gretchen Ritter, that would (1) define what a “minor” is at UT Austin and (2) provide for a process by which minors could be recorded on student transcripts. The new policy would require between fifteen and eighteen hours of coursework completed in residence. Professor Rose listed other requirements for the transcriptable minor as including the following: unnumbered topics cannot be counted; six hours must be upper division, with some exceptions regarding languages; at least nine hours must be for coursework that does not satisfy other requirements; and students must apply for recognition of the minor. She also noted that departments were not required to offer a minor, but those who choose to offer one must follow the regular UT approval process through the college/school and then the Committee for Undergraduate Degree Program Review (CUDPR). She said there was also information regarding the minor approval process that addresses the following: completing the application, developing admissions requirements, establishing a faculty committee, submitting required reports, and certifying students who have earned the minor designation. Professor Rose reported that the Educational Policy Committee favorably approved the proposal by a vote of 6:2. Since there was no further discussion, Chair Hilley called for the vote. The Faculty Council unanimously approved the proposal policy by voice vote.
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