September 17, 2012


Chair Hilley said she had no specific items to report since this was the first meeting of the year. She then introduced the following student representatives on the Council:
  • Thor Lund, Student Government President (engineering/engineering honors)
  • Wills Brown, Student Government Vice President (psychology)
  • Simeon Bochev, Student Government Representative (electrical and computer engineering)
  • Michael Morton, Senate of College Councils President (journalism)
  • Andrew Clark, Senate of College Councils Vice President (international relations and global studies)
  • Michael Redding, Graduate Student Assembly President
  • Joel Simmons, Graduate Student Assembly Vice President, who was unable to attend the meeting.
Chair Hilley encouraged members to review the Faculty Council Primer on the Council’s website to familiarize themselves with procedures and to look at the membership list. She also encouraged members to get to know their fellow Council members and put faces with names. After noting that most Faculty Council members were also on General Faculty Standing Committees, she asked that the members follow the progress of any legislation that may be forwarded from the standing committees to the Faculty Council and to make sure that issues proceed through the approval process. Next, Chair Hilley asked Council members to consider nominating a colleague for the Civitatis Award, to acknowledge those who have provided outstanding service to the University. She recalled her own good feelings upon receiving the award last year.

Chair Hilley announced that she and Chair Elect Hart would be attending a UT System Faculty (SysFac) Advisory Council meeting later in the week, where representatives from all the other UT campuses would come together to meet with the Commissioner of the Higher Education Coordinating Board and Representative Tryon Lewis of the Texas House of Representatives. The group would also hear presentations and discuss issues with UT System administrators, including Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Pedro Reyes and Legal Council Dan Sharphorn. She asked Faculty Council members to  forward to her any concerns or issues they would like addressed at that meeting.

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